Tuition Rates for Preschool

MRA North Annual Preschool Tuition

5 Full Days- 8-2:50


5 Half Days- 8-11:30


4 Full Days- 8-2:50


4 Half Days- 8-11:30


3 Full Days- 8-2:50


3 Half Days- 8-11:30


*Children must be 3 or older to attend preschool

Additional Costs:
FACTS Registration-$45 or less depending on payment schedule (Yearly per family)                                                                                                                                                                            Academic Materials: $75 (yearly per student)

Financial Aid
Unfortunately there will be no financial aid options for preschool age children.

Multi Child Discounts
To be eligible for multi-child rates with a child in preschool, you must have more than one full-time child enrolled at MRA North. If you have multiple children attending the school and any of the children are in preschool, you must pay the full preschool tuition rate. Your additional full-time children of any grade will qualify for the multi child discount.

Reserving a Spot

If your child is under the age of three at the start of our school year, but you would like to reserve a spot for when he/she turns three, regular tuition payments are required by board policy to keep the students reservation in the classroom.