Where does the name "Mount Royal Academy" come from?

The school's namesake comes from the hill upon which St. Andre courageously undertook the daunting task of building a basilica in honor of St. Joseph. St. Joseph's Basilica sits on that very hill today, and it is one of the major pilgrimage sites of North America. Mount Royal Academy schools shares the very same patron - St. Joseph. St. Andre used to bury St. Joseph statues in the hillside as a gesture of trust in his intercession.   Mount Royal Academy North takes the same tradition and name sake from its sister school Mount Royal Academy.  The “North” because we are located in and love the north country.

What is your relationship with the diocese of Manchester?

Mount Royal Academy (MRA), our sister school, is the first lay-found school to be approved by the Catholic diocese of Manchester.  MRA was formally recognized by the bishop in 2006, giving their school community the greatest gift they could ever receive, the Eucharistic presence of Jesus Christ on campus. MRA North received the honor and blessing of being officially approved by the diocese of Manchester in the fall of 2018. Mount Royal Academy North is an independent school, and while it operates separate from the diocese, it has its own board determining the financial, personnel, and development decisions.  

What if my family is not Catholic?

You do not have to be Catholic to attend MRA North.  We wouldn't be a Catholic school if we didn't open our doors to people of all faiths or even no faith. The Catholic faith is central to the identity of the school and all students must attend weekly rosary and Mass, as well as participate in daily prayer moments and the theology curriculum. However, our philosophy is one of exposure to the faith, rather than one of imposition of the faith. All students can benefit from learning the truths and practices of the Catholic faith, since the Church has been commissioned to be an "expert in the human person". A friendly, cooperative, and respectful environment enhances the entire human experience. 

What makes the mission of Mount Royal Academy North different from other schools?

The mission of Mount Royal  Academy North is to teach the whole person, one student at a time. The personal nature of instruction is exemplified in the positive relationships shared between teachers, students, volunteers and parents.

Are students required to wear uniforms?

Students are required to wear formal uniforms. Every Friday students can wear any type of Mount Royal Academy North gear. 

When does the school day begin and end?

The school day begins at 8:00am and concludes by 2:50pm. 

What is the role of Catholicism at Mount Royal Academy North?

The Catholic identity of Mount Royal Academy North is the most defining characteristic of our school community. Our Catholic identity influences how we teach, how we play, and how we pray. Mass is offered each week. 

Are students expected to perform community service?

Students are asked to give to others across all grade levels in a way that is appropriate to their abilities.  One of the beautiful aspects of the school is our commitment to personal virtue and community service. 

Are there any deadlines for admissions?

MRA North has a rolling admissions policy. Families are encouraged to visit the school and fill out an application at any time. Our administration recognizes that each family deals with unique circumstances. We strive to be as present and accommodating as possible. In saying this, please note that classes do tend to fill up quickly, as space is limited.