Education in Virtue

Virtue formation remains a critical component of the mission of Mount Royal Academy. Powerful cultural forces run contrary to the Christian moral principles this school aims to uphold and teach. Children need a constant reminder that true happiness is acquired through the pursuit of virtue. Based on the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas, this program provides a consistent structure in order for the students to form the habits and dispositions necessary in order to truly flourish and become ideal leaders in their communities.

Below is our 20/21 Virtue of the Month Schedule:

September - Courtesy (justice)

October - Circumspection (prudence)

November -Gratitude (justice) 

December - Patience (fortitude)

January - Self-Control (temperance)

February - Trustworthiness (justice)

March - Foresight (prudence)

April - Magnificence (fortitude)

May - Generosity (justice)